A to Z Tech Co

Founded in 2019 to address a need for high-speed broadband in West Michigan, A to Z Technology is dedicated to providing for all the technological needs of individuals, businesses small and large, and schools and non-profits. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

Mission Statement

Providing comprehensive technology services to solve the unmet needs of our customers; exceeding expectations; creating better lives.

When you’re selecting your internet service provider, computer repair shop, or electronics retailer, you want to know you can trust the company behind these essential services.

Here at A to Z Technology, building trust with our customers is paramount to providing any services. We week to solve the unmet needs of our customers. We seek to exceed expectations. And ultimately, we seek to create better lives for our customers and our employees alike.

Full Service, High Quality, Affordable
Technology Services

We use state-of-the-art technology, some of which we’ve developed in-house, to provide you with an life changing experience. Never worry about downtime, internet connection issues, or your computer malfunctioning again.

Let A to Z Technology finally live up to it’s purpose: making your life easier.



  • Fiber Optic Internet Services
  • PC & Phone Repair
  • Electronics Sales & Service


  • Fiber Optic Internet Services
  • On-Site/Remote Managed IT Services
  • Custom R&D Solutions

Residential Customers


We aim to solve the needs of everyday people, from delivering high-speed fiber optic internet to their homes to providing sales and service when they need a new device or their current one breaks.

Small Business Customers


With robust experience in small business, our team can handle any small businesses needs. From quality, zero-downtime fiber optic internet access to phone systems, computer management, and remote support. We’ve got the service your small business has been looking for.

Enterprise Customers


If your business has 25+ employees, then our Enterprise option is best for you. High-speed bandwidth bulk discounts, outsourced IT services, custom R&D. With A to Z Tech Co, your options are as dynamic as your business.

Looking for Employment?


Joining our team isn’t just about having a job. We prodive quality, meaninful service to individuals, small businesses, and enterprises alike. Our aim is not just a paycheck, but fulfillment. Click “Job Postings” below to see current job postings and submit your resume right here on our website.