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Experience the end-to-end fiber optic experience at A to Z Technology!

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Why Choose Us?

Free Standard WiFI Router

A fiber optic wireless router is included in every install. We set it up, remotely monitor and fix any connectivity issues, and replace it when life happens.

12 Month Price Guarantee

Sick of the bait-and-switch routines of the Bix Box providers? At A to Z Technology, you’ll know up front what your bill will look like. That’s right, we’ll send you an invoice schedule so you can plan what’s due, so you never have to worry.

Not Data Limits

Browse to your heart’s content! At A to Z Technology, we don’t do data caps, charge for Internet “overage”, or assess other outrageous fees.


Your #1 Choice For Fiber Internet

At A to Z Technology, we’re proud to be the first and only provider to offer all fiber, all the time in Newaygo County. We’re local, friendly, and extremely affordable. What’s not to love?

No Contract

Up to 250mbps

Hardware Included

 Affordable Phone Service

Local Phone numbers, with landline, call forwarding, and fax!

…and don’t worry, we’re not going to force it on you. There’s no special discount for ordering phone service, although it is less expensive that the competitors.

Our state-of-the-art phone service gives you your choice of a traditional landline phone, modern desk phones, and you can even make and receive calls and texts from any of your number on the A to Z Tech Co app!

For our business customers, features like call forwarding, interactive voice attendants, pay-by-phone, call queues, and auto-dialing/auto-SMS make it simpler than ever to take your phone capabiliteis to the next level.

Service Selection

At A to Z Technology, we want to provide you with everything you need! With that said, some Internet companies support “bundling”. Here, we already offer the best prices. There’s no other incentive to order phone service, or have it show up for install without your permission, unless you want it. Enjoy flat rate pricing, with upfront charges, that you can depend on.





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Customer Since 2014

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