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A to Z Technology, Inc

A to Z Tech Co 2020 Q4 

On December 31st, our fiscal year ends. Download our Q4 report, available on January 1st.

Internet Services

Working on Fiber Optic Internet services for all. Find out how we’re connecting communities. 

Business IT Services

End-to-end corporate IT services, for small business and enterprises alike.

Consumer Retail & Repair

We are the only provider in a fifty mile radius of phone repair, plus we do computers, too.

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– Robert Jonson

10% Investor-only Profit Share

Right off the top, we reward all investors with a 10% profit share. That is, of course, directly proportionate to the number of shares they hold. Payouts issued at the end of every quarter

Huge Ambitions with Even Larger Returns

We have a lucrative business, with great demand, and all the resources to build it! Request more Info today.


Expected Quarterly returns

Our Mission Is to Build the Foundation for Connected Communities across West Michigan.

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103 East Ave
Attention: Investor Relations
Fremont, MI 49412



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