Full Arcade Game Service

What to Expect

Full-scale diagnostic and cost-effective solutions.
Electrical Engineering services, to make the most of the parts you already have.
Restoration & Upgradability Specialists.
One-time or Contract Services available.
We work with hundreds of distributors to source your part.

You can trust A to Z Technology to handle all of your arcade room needs.

Is this the right service for you?

With three years extensive experience servicing arcade games, and over 10 years experience in electrical engineering, you can be confident: We can fix about anything.

Whether you’re a full blown arcade center open to the public, or a private collector, A to Z Technology has your back.

What if I only need one arcade game fixed?

We repair games one-off or on a contract basis. Please contact us for a quote!

How do Arcade Contracts work?

It depends on your requirements, but the terms are pretty simple. We offer pay-as-you-go service at guarenteed repair time. Some arcades may only want a check-in once a week, while some may want a 24-hour repair guarentee. Whatever your requirements, you can count on A to Z Technology to keep your guests playing and your arcade profitable.

What machines do you work on?

We work on everything – from arcade games from the 1970s to the newset computer-powred arcade games. Our services are comprehensive. Check us out today.


Got an Arcade or a Problem with a game?